But who prays for Satan? In eighteen centuries, who had the common humanity to pray for the sinner who needed it the most?


Infinity One - art by Jim Steranko (1970)
sternentale: Hey I really like your blog but I think you should watch Zeitgeist Debunked, I thought Zeitgeist was true,too. But there are so many misinformations...

There is a zeitgeist debunked? I didn’t know that. I mean, I spotted many errors on it myself and I am not sure by any means about the economic conspiracy. I guess there is some dose of truth in it but it has errors just like everything. I’ll check it’s debunking though!


Anonymous: Christian church is really shifty and extremist these days but I think Jesus was an amazing and very smart teacher but very few people truly comprehend what he said (and most of them aren't "Christians")


Jesus is a fraud. Idk if I should say this, but the most direct link is the Egyptian God Horus. Born 25th Dec, 12 disciples, did miracles and taught the world to be good, died and resurrected 3 days later at Easter. Jesus stems from the worship of the sun, the most obvious link is on 22nd of Dec orions belt (the three wise kings) align with the crux (cross) constellation where the sun is at is lowest point for 3 days and then rises (comes back to life)

But I agree the teachings Jesus supposedly taught were very good! :D

Watched a little bit of zeitgeist, huh? You’re totally right. These parallels exist, and you can find them with other gods too (Donysus from the Greek pantheon and Shiva (?) from Indian tradition). But many scholars think Jesus existed, and I’m not sure what the evidence is, but perhaps he really did exist as a human (not a messiah or something like that) who was a teacher and his students in order to make people follow him made him look like familiar gods? I don’t know, people at these days wouldn’t believe anybody who was human even if they were telling the truth; they required some kind of God-ness, otherwise your opinion was an irrelevant mortal thing.

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Vers le Zenit 3, Gregorio Vardanega, 1977
Anonymous: purple

thank you!!


"Consciousness is a terrible curse. I think. I feel. I suffer”
Being John Malkovich (1999) dir. Spike Jonze

Vimana Hovering, Tim White

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